Custom Hanko
Custom Hanko Seal - Unique and Tasteful!

Custom made Hanko seal / stamp for your kanji name / kanji words!

If you are thinking about getting Japanese kanji name or kanji words, we strongly recommend that you also get a custom-made Hanko seal.

In Japan, "Hanko" personal stamp or seal serves the same role as a signature in the West. Featuring an person or organization ' s name written in Japanese symbols, Hanko are used onto important contracts or official documents for serious identification. So, Hanko is regarded as an essential item for most majors in social life.

For those who are not Japanese, Hanko is the unique and tasteful gadget to sign your kanji name, organizations, title, and personal motto onto a variety of goods, such as personal messages / letters, artworks, crafts, scrolls, haiku writing card, Reiki certificates, Dojo certificates, or some such documents.
kanji tattoo translation & body art designs

Beautiful Hanko Facekanji tattoo translation & body art designsBeautiful Stampkanji tattoo translation & body art designsSeal tastefully!
Seal your kanji name tastefully with Hanko!!

Custom Hanko Seal Set

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green_check We render your English name / English words into accurate Japanese symbols. Translation/rendering fee is included in the set.

green_check We create a fine Custom Hanko Seal on which your Kanji name or words are carved. A Hanko, Hanko case, and Ink pad are included in the set.

Quality Hanko CaseQuality Box Wood madeQuality Ink Pad
Custom Hanko Seal Set - Japan-made quality products

Kanji Trival Tattoo Design

Quality Name Hanko, Case, and Ink Pad set :kanji tattoo translation & body art designs
Custom Name Hanko Seal Set

Kanji Trival Tattoo Design

Unique Hanko set with both you and your company name at onece :
Company Name Hanko Seal Set

Kanji Trival Tattoo Design

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