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The product PDF file(s) will be electronically delivered to you within 48 business-hours from when we confirm your payment. Please check out our business calendar.


If you are not satisfied with the rendering results of translation, please contact us within 7 days after you have received your image files. We will re-provide you with new image files as soon as possible. Please see also Accuracy and Guarantee.

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Personalized Reiki Certificate - Printable PDF Custom Design

> Customizable / Personalizable
Custom Reiki Certificate Design Service allows for customization of any or all of the following information:

Reiki certificate design articles

d_blu Border - Dragon or Floral
d_blu You can also choose no border design.
d_blu Heading Text - "Certificate", "Diploma", or other term (custom)(A)
d_blu Name of Award Recipient (B) Blank is not acceptable.
d_blu Here this should be translated into Japanese Katakana name cause this is the proper way to write English names in Japanese style certificate.
d_blu Obtained Degree or Qualification (C) Blank is not acceptable.
d_blu Award Text (D)
d_blu Award Text is specified as blow in default, and is modifiable.
d_blu If you are to customize the award text, please be in brief (up-to about 50 English source words).
"This is to recognize that the person mentioned above has received the necessary attunements and attained the specified degree of Reiki in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho."
d_blu Date of Award (E)
d_blu Style of Reiki heeling / Name of School/Studio (F)
d_blu Conferrer Name/Title (G) Blank is not acceptable.
d_blu Here the conferrer's name should be translated into Japanese Katakana name cause this is the proper way to write English names in Japanese style certificate.
d_blu Hanko Seal Images - School/Studio (H1), Conferrer's Surname (H2)
d_blu School/Studio Logo Image
d_blu We don't offer any service of designing a logo. Please send an image file of your logo in .jpg, .eps, or .ai format.
d_blu Image resolution should be 300dpi./print size.
d_blu Please submit the artwork as you would like it on your certificate. We do not alter any artwork. We just adjust the scale of the image.
d_blu If using Adobe Illustrator, please convert the text to outlines, and save your file down to an Adobe Illustrator 8.0 file.
d_blu Water Mark of Logo
> Fine quality printable Acrobat(.PDF) data - Just print it!
This service is available in Acrobat (.PDF) format. You'll get printable PDF file archived in ZIP format via e-mail. After decompression, just open it in your favorite application that can handle PDF, and print it on to high-quality printer paper.
>Select one layout format - Letter format or Tabloid format
Our certificate designs are individually optimized for each paper format. For better printing result, please select the most suitable layout for your purpose.

4 major standardized paper-sizes

d_blu Letter format - print for 8.5 x 11 (inch) / 216 279(mm)
d_blu Tabloid format - print for 11 17 (inch) / 279 432(mm)
>Select one border type - Dragon, Floral, or blank
You can make a choice of favorite border type from among 2 varieties.

Reiki certificate Dradon Border
Border - Dragon

Reiki Certificate Floral Border
Border - Floral

> Select one border color - From among 6 traditional colors
You can also make a choice of favorite border color from among 6 varieties.

Reiki certificate border colors
*Actual product colors may differ slightly from their appearance on the computer screen.

> Both English text and Japanese text - Accurate translation
Our products are provided by professional translators and designers, who's been in the very thick of English to Japanese translation and graphic design business.

>> Accuracy and Guarantee

> Come with Digital Hanko Seals
If you don't have your Hanko Seals yet, we'll make Digital Hanko Images, and stamp them digitally onto your certificates design for free.

Japanese Style Digital Hanko Seal for Free (If needed)

> Discount for additional / multiple orders with the same design
If you need to award additional certificates with the same design to other students/degrees after the initial order, you can order partially modified certificates at discount price. In this service, following portions of the initial design are modifiable;
d_blu Name of Award Recipient
d_blu Obtained Dgree/Title
d_blu Date of Award
NOTICE: Additional order service is available for six (6) months after the latest order, and will be expired automatically if no additional order has been made during that period.

This is to design an initial template for your school/studio. This also includes an issuance of the first certificate PDF personalized for a student. This must be paid before purchasing any of additional orders below.

If you need additional certificates personalized for other students with the same template, at first, order Reiki Certificate Design Service for the first student, and then order the required number of Additional Orders below for the rest.
This applies to making an additional order for the certificate personalized for other Student/Degree/Date with the same template. Reiki Certificate Design Service should be ordered before purchasing this.
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