Put both your name and corporate name on one Hanko

Company Name Hanko Seal Set

Also we can put your name or your title (such as "CEO", "Master" etc) at the center of the Hanko face, and the company name or the name of organization along outer circle.

Both Name/Title and Corporate Name are available

Kanji Trival Tattoo Design
green_check We render either your English name or title into Japanese Kanji symbol

kanji tattoo translation & body art designsIf you don't have Kanji name yet, we'll pick kanji characters that can phonetically represent your English name. You can also make a choice of Hiragana or Katakana symbols instead of Kanji symbols for your name. Titles will be regularly translated into appropriate Japanese symbols. To know more about our appropriately accurate quality of name-translation, please refer to Japanese Name Translation Service page.

kanji tattoo translation & body art designsEither One English first-name or One English surname or One title is available for our Hanko Seal Set, cause so dense kanji characters on the seal printing face often spoil design fineness of seal impression, we think.

green_check We render your English company name into Japanese symbols

kanji tattoo translation & body art designsYour company name will be rendered into Japanese Katakana symbols (or the combination of Katakana and Kanji symbols). The word which represents the kind of company form, such as "Ltd." " Co.," or "Inc.", are translated into Japanese Kanji pronounced "sha", which generally represents "Company" in Japan. Or you can also go with your company name in English.
kanji tattoo translation & body art designsOne corporate / organization name is available, or One English phrase (up to bout 8 source words ) is available instead of the company/organization name.

green_check We create a custom Hanko on which both your Kanji name/title and corporate/organization name are carved.

kanji tattoo translation & body art designsA Hanko, Hanko case, and an Ink pad are included in the set. They are all Japan-made quality products.

Custom Name Hanko SealHanko CaseHanko-Ink Pad

Hanko -
Made of premium boxwood, the most common material used for Hankos. You can make a choice of fovorite font from among 8 different hanko fonts.

Make a choice from among 8 hanko fonts!

Hanko Case -
Leather coated metal case with embroidered lining. A mini ink pad is built-in. Conveniently portable size and nice protection. You can also make a choice of favorite leather color from among 6 varieties.




Moss green



Make a choice from among 6 case colors!

Actual product colors may differ slightly from their appearance on the computer screen.
kanji tattoo translation & body art designs

Ink Pad -
Exclusive quick-drying and waterproof quality hanko ink.
kanji tattoo translation & body art designs

Company Name Hanko Seal Set

How to order

kanji tattoo translation & body art designs
1. As you choose favorite Hanko size, click the "Click to Order" link above to oder form. ( Javascript is required ).

2. Submit the order form to provide us with some informations on both ordered name/title and company name/phrase. Also you can specify both Hanko font and Case color on the form.

3. Make payment on PayPal's secure form. Read our purchase order Terms of Service carefully before you check out.

4. If you already have an sample image of your Kanji name or company name in Japanese which you want to be carved on the Hanko, provide us with the image via e-mail after you check out.

5. As your payment is confirmed, we'll e-mail you a confirmation with an sample image of your Kanji name within 48 business-hours.

6. Once your kanji name is confirmed by you, we'll begin work to make your Hanko products. It would take about 14 to 24 business-days before delivering your purchases.

Prices and shipping & handling costs are subject to change without notice based on exchange rates and other matters.

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Company Name Hanko 18.0mm

Company Name Hanko Seal Set

Item No. CHBRS-180
size: 60.0mm x 18.0mm
material: premium boxwood
set: Hanko, Case, Ink pad
kanji tattoo translation & body art designs
special set price: $94.95 USD
Translation fee is included
shipping & handling: $10.00 USD ~
Air mail / Registered small packet
Currently Unavailable
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